Some boiler problems that require boiler repair services

May 3, 2018

Nobody likes to be welcomed by a broken boiler, especially during winter months when you rely on central heating to keep your family warm and comfortable every evening. So how do you deal with a broken boiler to ensure things are up and running as quickly as possible? Hire a boiler engineer who is experienced to provide excellent services of boiler repair in Liverpool.

While some common boiler problems can be addressed without professional help, others will require services of a qualified, skilled and experienced boiler engineer. From weird noises to drips and leaks, there can be many problems that will require the attention of a boiler engineer providing services of boiler repair in Liverpool.
Here are the common boiler problems that require a professional’s attention.

Weird banging or gurgling noises – Your boiler may make strange noises if there is an imminent pump failure or there is air in the system. Alternatively, it could be that the water pressure is low.

No heat or hot water – The main causes include broken diaphragms and air locks, thermostat problems, low water levels or failure of motorised valves.

Leaks and drips – According to boiler engineers dealing in boiler repair in Liverpool, a wide range of problems can cause leaking in your boiler. But the most common cause is a broken internal component. You may also find the boiler leaking around the pipes or the tank. This can be a result of the corrosion or in scenarios when the system has not been fitted properly.

Thermostat issues – If the thermostat has malfunctioned or lost accuracy over time, it is time to seek professional help of a boiler technician.

Boiler keeps switching itself off – This could be due to low water pressure, an issue with the thermostat, or a lack of water flow due to a closed valve. The boiler can also switch off itself if the air or the pump is not circulating the water in the system properly.

We have covered only some of the common boiler problems above. There could be many more problems. If you identify any problem, we recommend calling a boiler engineer with good hands-on experience in boiler repair in Liverpool. It is always sensible to hire certified boiler engineer as they are known for quality work. They have the right knowledge and experience to identify different boiler problems and fix them accordingly.

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